Get my IG Caption Template

Copy to your clipboard in just 3 clicks your most used IG Captions for Posting!


Get my IG Caption Template is as the name implies. This is a simple and easy Siri Shortcut for Managing all your Instagram Captions that you have pre-made to post to Instagram. When you select which you want for copying it will then proceed to launch the Photos app for you to chose a photo to post in Instagram, then opens Instagram as the final step to post. An all-in-one steps shortcut.

Helpful for people who post a few types of content to 1 or multiple Instagram accounts. (ie: Portraits, City/Architecture, Nature, etc)

The shortcut asks you when you first open it in the Siri Shortcuts app up to three sets of Captions would you like to set up by default. You can add more at the end of the process.

This shortcut is also running UpdateKit, this will allow me to update the shortcut should any future updates by Instagram release and break the shortcut, this can be hopefully for not too long. It also allows me to add any new features to enhance this shortcut should Apple add any more awesome options to improve this shortcut.

I also have an "Instagram Hashtag Helper" Siri Shortcut if you only post Hashtags to your posts comments & brief words in the caption. This can be found at the link here! >> Click Me! <<

Website: Click my username to the left for Dictation Shortcuts & other type shortcuts.

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - Nov. 4, 2018, 2:12 p.m.

* Release