Shortcut Editor 14 w/ Auto-Backup

Quickly move between editing multiple Shortcuts with automatic iCloud backups.


Inspired by @entee’s “Shortcut Projects” This Shortcut is a work-in-progress.

Put this Shortcut in a folder containing Shortcuts you're developing.

To function correctly it currently needs to be run in Edit mode. (It may work as a Widget. Sometimes.)

To return to the menu you'll need to wiggle the Shortcuts app window to trigger the "Wait to return" action.

Backup links are found in /Shortcuts/Backup Links/{Folder Name}/{Shortcut Name}

It’s not ideal, but much simpler to use than it sounds. I’ve found using this can really speed up my development process. And some tasks it just makes so much easier! (Like examining or comparing multiple shortcuts, or copying a handful of actions from several separate shortcuts.)

Latest Release Notes

0.5 - Oct. 26, 2020, 3:13 p.m.

Initial release