Moods in Day One

Quick entry to Day One with moods


Moods in Day One

Have you ever had a random thought in your mind but no quick way to post your thoughts?

Have you ever wished there is a twitter-like platform minus all the social aspects of it?

Have you ever wanted a quick and efficient way of writing a journal?

If you answered YES to any of the above, this shortcut is for you.


Moods in Day One allows you to submit a quick entry to your Day One journal with moods as tags. You can optionally choose if you want to have your steps count appended on each entries as well!

  • Select moods (customizable with own additional moods)
  • Select photos to attach with your entry
  • Steps counter
  • Export text from other apps(such as Drafts 5) into this shortcut


  • Day One (free or premium)
  • Health

Enable shortcut for text sharing

In order to allow other apps to export text into this shortcut, perform the following:

1) Tap on the 3 dots of this shortcut in Shortcuts app

2) Tap the 3 dots on top right(where you change shortcut name)

3) Toggle "Show in Share Sheet"

4) Tap on "Share Sheet Types" and select only text.

From now on, you can share texts/notes or diaries from apps such as Drafts 5 to add as an entry into Day One with additional mood tags!

Great for those of us who do not wish to pay for premium just for syncing feature. You can just draft a long post in Draft on iPad, switch to iPhone, go to your draft and export into this shortcut!


  • Option to upload multiple photos if toggled


If you encounter any bugs or have any feedbacks, feel free to leave a comment below!

This shortcut supports QuickUpdate!

QuickUpdate optional.

This shortcut skips checking of update if QuickUpdate is not found in your shortcuts.

This Shortcut Requires QuickUpdate - Tap To Download!

Latest Release Notes

2.12 - Nov. 5, 2020, 10:58 a.m.

- Fixed dictionary and boolean.

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