A Shortcuts Front End for YouTube-dl/dlc and Gallery-dl



SW-DLT ("Shortcuts Wrapper for -DL Tools") allows you to easily use, install and manage the popular and open source utilities Youtube-dl or Youtube-dlc and Gallery-dl. Compatible with iOS 14 ONLY. Final iOS 13 Version here.

Required App: a-Shell Terminal

Download media from a massive (1 or 2 & 3) collection of websites.

  • Videos with quality & framerate selector
  • Audio only files
  • Video or audio playlists
  • GIFs, clips, images (From single items to massive albums or entire webpages/profiles)

SW-DLT Welcome

Demo Video Download

  • Using my own video

Other Features

  • Independent Downloads: You can interrupt and resume downloads as they take place in a-Shell. Shortcuts app does not need to be running. This does not mean background downloads. Downloads can be resumed either by re-opening a-Shell or re-opening the shortcut.
  • Embedded troubleshooting: Checks all components of the installation and fixes anything that might be missing (useful if you delete the a-Shell app unexpectedly).
  • Embedded deletion option: to safely delete installation without deleting a-Shell.
  • Embedded documentation: a documentation page is available in the shortcut (under utilities menu). It contains further details about the features included.
  • Utility Swap: Change between YouTube-dl or YouTube-dlc (community maintained fork)


If you would like to donate, donations are welcome and appreciated to continue making shortcuts and maintaining them with periodic bug fixes and improvements. Donations are accepted through this BTC address or Paypal:




  • You should only use this shortcut on media you own and need to download.
  • Read the documentation AND use the troubleshooter before reporting issues.
  • All software used (YouTube-dl, YouTube-dlc, Gallery-dl, FFmpeg, SW-DLT, & a-Shell) is open source and free

Latest Release Notes

1E12 - Nov. 20, 2020, 3:10 a.m.

1E12: Removed initial shortcuts app redirect since it's not useful in iOS 14. Process is now a bit smoother.

Version history