A Shortcuts Front End for YouTube-dl and Gallery-dl



SW-DLT ("Shortcuts Wrapper for -DL Tools") allows you to easily use, install and manage the popular and open source utilities Youtube-dl and Gallery-dl. Compatible with iOS 14 and possibly iOS 13 (requires testing).


a-Shell Terminal (~800MB)


a-Shell Mini Terminal (~250MB)

Download media from a massive (1 & 2) collection of websites.

  • Videos with quality & framerate selector
  • Audio only files (or audio extraction from video)
  • Video or audio playlists
  • GIFs, clips, images (From single items to massive albums or entire webpages/profiles)

SW-DLT Welcome

Graphics made with MediaKit.

Demo Video Download

  • Using my own video

Other Features

  • App Swap: Change between a-Shell or a-Shell mini easily and save storage space by using the lightweight version.
  • Complete uninstall: completely uninstall the shortcut and its dependencies without deleting the a-Shell or a-Shell Mini app.


If you would like to donate, donations are welcome and appreciated to continue making shortcuts and maintaining them with periodic bug fixes and improvements. Donations are accepted through this BTC address:



  • You should only use this shortcut on media you own and need to download.
  • All software used (YouTube-dl, Gallery-dl, FFmpeg, FFprobe, SW-DLT, & a-Shell) is open source and free.

Latest Release Notes

3E6 - June 11, 2021, 4:31 p.m.

3E6: Video, audio and playlist downloads are now saved with the proper titles (Gallery downloads will still use date names). Also added minor reliability improvements.

Version history