A Shortcuts front end for yt-dlp and gallery-dl



SW-DLT ("Shortcuts Wrapper for -DL Tools") is an iOS shortcut that allows you to easily use, install and manage the popular and open source utilities yt-dlp and gallery-dl.


  • iOS 16: Supported

  • iOS 15: Supported

  • iOS 14: Supported



Download media from a massive collection of websites (1 & 2).

  • Videos with quality & framerate selector
  • Audio only files (or audio extraction from video)
  • Video or audio playlists
  • GIFs, clips, images (From single items to massive albums or entire webpages/profiles)


Video Demonstration

Additional Features

  • Multi-app support: Change between a-Shell or a-Shell mini easily and save storage space by using the lightweight version.
  • Clean uninstall: completely uninstall the shortcut and its dependencies without deleting the a-Shell or a-Shell Mini app.
  • Resumable downloads: downloads can be resumed if interrupted, for more information visit the GitHub documentation.

Documentation, Source Code & Maintenance

SW-DLT on GitHub

Planned features, Source code, bug reports, feature suggestions, and in-depth documentation are available at the GitHub repo for SW-DLT.


If you have found this Shortcut useful, consider donating to support future releases. You can donate using BCH by hold-pressing on, or scanning the below QR code (donations can also be done through the in-shortcut about page):



  • Use this shortcut for downloading media you own or are authorized to download.
  • All software used (yt-dlp, gallery-dl, ffmpeg, ffprobe, SW-DLT, & a-Shell) is open source and free.
  • It is recommended to have the VLC app or another universal media player app to play unsupported media formats in iOS/iPadOS.

Latest Release Notes

3.17.2 - Sept. 26, 2022, 11:13 p.m.

Fixed broken URL action on iOS 14

Version history