YNAB to Splitwise

Automatically post your split transactions from YNAB to Splitwise


YNAB to Splitwise

Supports one way communication from YNAB to Splitwise utilize each apps cURL API

  • Requires you to setup your API key with each application
  • Supports both flagged transaction split and categorical splits.
  • No additional applications needed to run
  • fully automate your split with this shortcut and iOS 14’s support for background automations
  • Some actions require iOS14 or newer to run

Latest Release Notes

1.0.3 - Nov. 5, 2020, 6:21 a.m.

*fixed a bug that added a line break at the end of the YNAB API.

If you get an error when setting up your YNAB preferences this should fix that.
Delete the API file in the YNAB2Split folder and rerun the shortcut

Version history