Lock your apps with a password



You password is not stored in clear! This shortcut is more about preventing your mother to access your apps. It's protection is very minor

Once you added the shortcut to your gallery, add an automation.

Creat a personal automation and scroll down to click "App"

There you can chose all the apps you want to be locked, and click NEXT You should include FILE and SHORTCUT

Make it run PassApp

Make sure to disable "Ask before running" and the installation is done!

Some other things

To change your password, run the shortcut, type your password and /change:

When you open a locked app. You will be redirected to the compass app, where nobody can cause trouble. You can change it if you want.

Once you successfully typed your password, the shortcut will wait 10s for you to go back on the app.

If you lost your password, and FILE, SHORTCUT are locked. You need to log into Icloud Drive and remove the PassApp file.

Latest Release Notes

1.0.1 - Nov. 10, 2020, 4:20 p.m.

-Remove the bug that creat too many files

Version history