Media Metadata

View or save metadata from a photo or video file.


Media Metadata

Used from the share sheet or as a stand alone shortcut Media Metadata allows you to view your photo or video file metadata information or save your metadata information to PDF - includes a preview of the media and associated metadata.

Metadata protocol’s read include Exif, TIFF, GPS and JFIF.

PDF’s include (depending on your choice) metadata, a thumbnail of the file and map thumbnail of the location the file was taken - if available.

See screenshots below:

Shortcut Screen Shots

Media Metadata

Screenshots left to right:

  1. File select menu - from iCloud, Dropbox or Apple Photo’s.

  2. Select your display or PDF type (screenshots and explanation below).

  3. Select what you want to do with your PDF - Save, Email, AirDrop/Message, Copy to Clipboard or Print.

Media Metadata

Screenshots left to right:

  1. Quick Summary showing basic metadata.

  2. Summary PDF showing thumbnail, summary metadata and location map.

Media Metadata

Screenshots left to right:

  1. Comprehensive PDF showing thumbnail, summary metadata, location map and TIFF, Exif, GPS and JFIF data processed to show data meanings eg Flash values.

  2. Raw PDF showing same as comprehensive with the addition of the raw metadata file.

With help from gluebyte processing the numbers!

Latest Release Notes

3.2.1 - May 11, 2021, 1:33 a.m.

Minor changes to tidy up formatting of the Processed Metadata Dictionary field in the Comprehensive PDF and Raw PDF views.

Improved the update checker with new menu and ability to see these update notes at the point of install.

Version history