USLauncher ver3.2

You can load the data stored in the "File" app and launch and copy the URL scheme.


Details ver3.2

As of ver 3.2, the URL to save the distribution data is now GitHub instead of Dropbox.

(Previous files distributed via Dropbox are still available.)

uslauncher - GitHub:

Go to the link above and select the latest json file. Tap the "Raw" button and select this recipe from the share button on the page where the code is displayed to save it to your "Files" app.


Details ver3.1.x

We found that it takes a long time to load plist files on at least iOS 15.0.2, so we changed the distribution data to JSON and modified the recipe slightly accordingly.


Details ver3.0

Improved the performance and usability by changing the search specification and simplifying the functions.


Download the data file from the link above, save it to any location in the "File" application, and then specify the path in the second "Get File" action in the recipe to use it.


On iOS 15.0.1, searching for apps using the "Search App Store" action with a specific string may cause subsequent actions not to be executed or may result in an error.

(I'm not ruling it out, but I'm guessing it's caused by the "Search App Store" action)


This shortcut is a modified version of the following app of the same name for iOS14.

I am posting it as a different one because the content has changed considerably.

Details ver2.0

  • Addresses the phenomenon of slow scrolling in iOS14 when there is a lot of content.
  • Change the destination of the data from "Bear" App to "File".
  • Files for distribution data, specify the data file path for advanced users.
  • Change the data handling so that it only requires a pair of keys and strings (and possibly arrays). (Pre- and post-tags, including dict tags, are in the recipe)
  • Due to the specification of the action, the letters in the results display will be all lowercase. (It is possible to use uppercase letters in the search word.)
  • Distribute and add custom data to text files prepared separately. (Hand typed or shared sheet)


Save the distribution data in the "File" app "Shortcut" from the Dropbox link below.

download(before ver2.1.1):usl20210829.txt

Specify the saved file path to the key "filepath" of the "Dictionary" action at the beginning of the shortcut.
If you want to use the custom feature, prepare another text file (preferably empty) and specify the path to "addfilepath".
If you make "cusom" true, it becomes a custom mode and the content is available with additional data.
If "custom" is "false", you still need to specify the path to "addfilepath", which can be a dummy.

The content of the data corresponds only to a combination of "key", "string" and "array" in plist format. (You can see the distribution data in action.)

Use Case

Search for the app and launch or copy the URL scheme is the same as before.

The following functions are available in ver 2.x and below.

When "cusom" is true, you can go to custom mode by tapping "Done" without entering the app name.

You can write to the text file specified by "addfilepath" by writing key-value pairs in plist format.
However, the alphabets used in "Key" must be lowercase only.
The added data can be used together with the distribution data.

Custom mode can also be used from a shared sheet.

If you go from the share sheet to the custom mode as before...

The selected text is pasted, so you can add it as is or edit it and then add it.

Latest Release Notes

3.2 - March 21, 2022, 1:43 a.m.

・Changed the destination of distribution data from Dropbox to GitHub.
・Recipe modified according to the above.
・Minor modifications.

Version history