Birthday Reminders

Automatically be reminded of birthdays in the next month, week and day


Birthday Reminders

This shortcuts concept is simple - running as a daily automation it will remind you of people’s birthdays!

Birthdays in the month ahead

28 ➡️ End

From the 28th of each month until the month end it will remind you daily of all birthdays in the month coming.

Birthdays in the next 7 days

1 ➡️ 7 days

From the 1st of the month onwards it will only remind you of birthdays in the next week.


▶️ Today!

In the background on a daily basis it will check for any birthdays for that day - giving an alert if there is one.

Why these timings?

For a lot of people myself included, this is around the date of monthly salary and allows me to budget for cards and presents etc!!

The birthdays in the next 7 days check gives a handy count down graph to the next birthday

No Birthdays due?

If no birthdays are coming up - then no reminder notification will bother you!

There really are no excuses for forgetting now!!

Just make sure your iOS contacts include their date of birth and all is set.

Birthday Reminders

Birthday Reminders Just to make it super cool you can customise the days count down - my favourite is heat!!

Latest Release Notes

1.3.2 - May 4, 2021, 12:46 a.m.

- Added some additional 7 day countdown symbols.

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