Simple YouTube PIP

Picture-in-picture mode for YouTube with no extra apps


Watch any YouTube video in picture-in-picture mode with just a few taps! No extra apps required.

This should work on ALL videos, including music videos, since it is just using YouTube's native player.

Simply open the video in Safari, tap to unmute it, and then run the shortcut from the share sheet. The video should automatically enter PIP mode in a few seconds. (If it doesn't, try going back to the home screen or running the shortcut again).

Once this shortcut is enabled on a tab, PIP will continue working even if you navigate to another video, as long as you don't reload the tab.

Note: This shortcut must be run from Safari. If you run it from the YouTube app, you will be automatically redirected to Safari.

Privacy notice

When you run this shortcut directly from the Shortcuts app, your home screen or a widget (rather than from the share sheet), it reads your clipboard to check if it contains a YouTube link. This information is never sent anywhere, you can check the shortcut's code yourself to confirm this.

Latest Release Notes

0.3.0 - Nov. 30, 2020, 2:09 p.m.

- Added support for reading YouTube URL from clipboard
- Notification is shown instead of alert when not running from Safari

Version history