Random Color Image

Create, View, and Store colour swatches!


RCMG is a tool for retrieving random colour images! It retrieves phone-background sized images of random colours and displays them for your viewing pleasure.


Swatch Passthrough - run the plain text GET through this shortcut and it will exit with a generated image.

Get Swatch - display a random colour image with a dialogue box. Tap to Share! Automatically saved to your iCloud Drive.

View Swatches - See all of the swatches you’ve generated before, and select some to go into your camera roll.

Set Background - gives you your choice of setting your wallpaper to any image you’ve already generated. You can choose Lock screen, Home screen, or both!

Supports Simple Updater.


Latest Release Notes

1.3.1 - Dec. 25, 2020, 1:41 p.m.

Passthrough Support!
In your own shortcuts simply run this shortcut with the plain text input
and you will receive a 30x50 random colour image. Enjoy!

Version history