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1.1.3 4 years ago
iOS 12
• added a tutorial! Just ask for "Help".

• created a message if you try to save the reminders list that is already your default list.

•  You can now see a list of the different ways you can issue each spoken command to siri. Just say "Command options" and choose which command. There are even more acceptable ways to issue these commands beyond what is listed here, but this should give you an idea on how flexible the syntax is.

• 'phrases' is now renamed to 'dialogue' and lives in a new file on my server (AIL_dialogue.txt). This now contains not only all of Siri's various responses, but also regex strings for interpreting your speech into commands, and lists of possible commands that will work.

• changed how the goodbyePhrase was processed by now using regex, which should allow for infinitely more possibilities for ending the shortcut.

•  moved the regex for change, save and restore list commands over to the web hosted dialogue json file. This way I can make tweaks to the language of spoken commands as well as Siri's dialogue and it will get updated live to users (without the need for installing a new version of the shortcut!)

• implemented a more streamlined way of selecting a different reminders list when saying 'change list' (by adding a temp item and asking you to choose which list). This will instantly give you a complete listing of all your reminders lists - the only drawback is that it must ask you to delete the temp item after you've chosen your list.

• added a diagnostic mode for development testing. By default, it will just switch to text input mode, but if you have the AIL_test input wizard.shortcut, it will come up with a robust menu system for testing out different spoken phrases and items. I created this so that I could test this shortcut without constantly talking out loud (which began to drive my co-workers crazy). The link to install AIL_test input wizard shortcut is hidden in a comment in this shortcut.

• changed it so the import question writes your default reminders list into the first text node, which uses a magic variable into the following dictionary (to workaround an issue encountered from import questions).


1.1.2 4 years ago
iOS 12
• added the ability to change lists, temporarily or indefinitely!
- say "Change list" to switch to another list for the current session
- say "Save list" to use this list indefinitely (when you run it again)
- say "Revert list" to go back to the list chosen in your prefs

• streamlined the script so that every type of exit will check for updates

• phrases are now stored on iCloud & check for updates daily (by default) with UpdateKit at the end of the session (should be faster)


1.1.1 4 years ago
iOS 12
• removed the <language> pref and fixed the speak text commands for Shortcuts 2.1.1


1.1 4 years ago
iOS 12
• fixed UpdateKit implementation

• added a <Check Frequency> preference (in the second dictionary) to set the frequency (in days) that the shortcut will check for a new version.

• If the UpdateKit shortcut is not present, the user is encouraged to install it.


1.0 4 years ago
iOS 12
• Implemented UpdateKit to automatically check for new versions