CopyPaste Actions

Copy, paste and save any number of actions


CopyPaste Actions

CopyPaste Actions: Copy and paste multiple actions between shortcuts

Since iOS 14 it is possible to copy and paste actions directly in the Shortcuts app, but it only works with single actions. This shortcut can copy any amount of actions anywhere. It even saves them so you can paste them later again.

This shortcut is the successor of my CopyPaste Actions workflow back in the days when Shortcuts was called Workflow.

It should also work with iOS 13.


  • cut, copy, paste and save any number of actions as snippets
  • smart handling of blocks like If, so your shortcuts won't get broken accidentally
  • rich HTML user interface in Safari powered by JavaScript
  • choose between iCloud Drive and Dropbox for storing preferences and snippets
  • dark mode support
  • marking of actions with comments and a very simple markup
  • detailed help section
  • fuzzy search for your shortcuts (it finds your shortcut, even if you've typed it wrong)
  • quick mode: preselect any shortcuts to automatically process it whenever you run this shortcut
  • inspect the copied actions
  • automatic update check in the background
  • available languages (please help me add more!)
  • English
  • German


Screenshots from the shortcut

Quick mode

Quick mode enables you to preselect any number of shortcuts that should be loaded and processed when you run this shortcut. There are multiple settings to control the level of quick mode.

Because it is so quick, you actually have to confirm it, otherwise there would be no way to turn it off again.

confirmation of quick mode

Screen recordings

Default settings

Showcase video

Quick mode

quick mode video


I'm not responsible and cannot be held liable for any loss or damage in any way that results from the use or misuse of this shortcut. There may be bugs in it.


I value your privacy. I do not and don't want to collect any information about you. The update check is the only information that is fetched from the internet. In this process, GitHub might be collecting some anonymous data which the browser automatically provides to any webserver. I can't change that. Otherwise, no data is sent anywhere.

If you want to check for yourself, feel free to scroll through the shortcut and check out the JavaScript source code on GitHub (that is a lot!).


If you want to contribute to this shortcut, then please do so!

The preferred way is on GitHub, but you can also use the comments here, on Reddit, or on Automators Talk.


Icons and images in the shortcut are either from Shortcuts itself, created by me or from Bootstrap.

Graphics created with MediaKit

Latest Release Notes

2.3.0 - May 29, 2021, 8:48 p.m.

* add option to "Cleanup of functions" to remove the functions only when other actions are added or removed.
* fix again a crash when refreshing the icon cache (hopefully, pelase let me know!)
* fix a mysterious bug that saved the snippets file in the wrong format resulting in blank pages in Safari
Thanks to for suggesting/helping fix these things!

* fix "gzip decompression failed" error in Shortcuts. Big thanks to for providing me a reproducible case!

* add button on page "Open app" to cancel the self-closing in case a "gzip decompression failed" error still occurs
* add button on page "Open app" to rebuild the archive in case a "gzip decompression failed" error still occurs
* improve handling of navigation gestures
* add formatting to the changelog for future updates
* add an error message when there was an error parsing any data from Shortcuts

Version history