Album Wallpaper

Generates a wall of album artwork from a playlist.


For creating wallpaper art from a playlist (you should eg change this to eg a Find Action for Top Rated tracks, recently played etc to get the selection you want. A random gradient is used as the background.

NOTE: You may need to change the settings in the dictionary at the top of the Shortcut in order for it to work for your phone for eg bigger albums, more rows for a larger screen.

Per Row - Albums per row
No of Rows - Number of Rows
Spacing - Spacing between albums
Radius - Radius for the rounded rectangles
Angle - Angle to tilt the albums
Tile Size - Size of the album

Checking for duplicate albums works by looking if the artist-album name has been used in generating the playlist as albums can often have the same name but be different artists. Unfortunately this means it cant detect same albums with different artists, like compilation albums.

IMG-0535 IMG-0541 IMG-0537 IMG-0536

Latest Release Notes

1 - Dec. 15, 2020, 3:53 p.m.