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Blood Donor

This Shortcut was created independently of the American National Red Cross with the goal of helping people donate blood in the United States, something that is a constant and growing need in healthcare. Blood donations help save lives, and a very small number of people donate when they are able to.

Using public information on the American National Red Cross website, this Shortcut aims to make it easier to sign up to donate, remember to donate, and find out basics about donations through Shortcuts! It is important to note that this Shortcut is not endorsed in any way shape or form by the American National Red Cross and it's important to always check the information provided online and by Red Cross personnel.

What can you do?

  • Schedule a donation through the online platform with your Zip Code and a choice of the type of donation you want to make.
  • Create a Calendar Event of an upcoming donation.
  • Create a Calendar Event to remind you when to donate again! (Each blood donation type has the number of days between donations built in and the shortcut will calculate this date for you!)
  • Call the American Red Cross on an iPhone to schedule an AB Elite Plasma Donation.
  • Get basic demographic information about the requirements for different types donations (weight, age, height, etc.) last updated November 7, 2018.
  • Optional UpdateKit functionality with saved settings to determine future update functionality.
  • Manual updates through RoutineHub to not use UpdateKit.
  • Get more information from the American National Red Cross website.

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