Genshin Guidebook

Quick lookup of useful information for Genshin Impact, including daily materials.


Genshin Guidebook

Greetings, fellow travelers! I made a Genshin Impact shortcut to help me with grinding for materials, and thought other players would also find this tool valuable.


  • Check if today's domain ascension & talent materials are for your selected characters & weapons.
  • Quick reference for game mechanics, useful links, and other information. More to be added in future versions.
  • Can run while in-game via Siri or an accessibility shortcut (although this will pause the game and require reconnect on exit).
  • Built-in update checker.

Planned Features

  • Quick reference for Domains of Blessing (artifacts).
  • Elite & common enemy material farming maps.
  • Add more information for game mechanics and a collection of the best tips.

Latest Release Notes

1.04 - Dec. 28, 2020, 8:26 a.m.

- Added weapons, characters (including Ganyu), and artifacts for game version 1.2
- Changed Sunday's Materials Menu message to reflect game version 1.2's new selectable, non-random options
- Attempted localization of server reset time, further improvements to be made in future versions
- Rewrote Daily Materials Menu to be faster
- Built-in updater now displays changelog
- Corrected Bennett's talent book
- Corrected spelling of Cryo

Version history