Easier thirst quenching for Coke Vending machines that *still* display QuickTap QR codes


Live in Australia? Like a Coke, or aother Coke beverage now and again? But your usual vending machine doesn't display a Vendswift QR code...

Then this shortcut is just for you.

Why does it exist?

This shortcut exists because CCSP (that's the Coca Cola licensee in Australia, they used to be called CCA) has been so slow to roll out new Vendswift codes, let alone tell anyone about Vendswift (especially after ending the QuickTap program).

And very few people know about Vendswift, so there's also a pretty good chance you're also missing out on free drinks just for purchasing with Vendswift.

And who doesn't want a free drink now and again.

So I decided to make this all that little bit easier - at least for those of us with iOS devices.

How is this shortcut used?

You can either:

  • Buy a drink by either scanning a machines’ existing QuickTap QR code or entering the Machine ID manually; OR
  • Make a Vendswift QR code by either scanning an existing QuickTap QR code or entering the Machine ID manually.

Screenshots of the various stages and functions of this shortcut

If you choose to create a Vendswift QR code, you can save the image of the shortcut to your phone, then syncronise that photo to your watch or a card/code management app.

Then once you're ready to make a purchase, load the Vendswift site, scan the machine's code from your watch, then make your choice on the machine to enjoy a cold beverage of your choice.

This is the start of this shortcut, and is still subject to significant work ahead.

What’s done

  • Buy a drink by either scanning the existing code or entering the machine ID;
  • Create a Vendswift QR code for a specific machine by either scanning the existing code or entering the machine ID;
  • Instructional documentation (done, v0.04);
  • Shortcut update automation (done, v0.02 with UpdateKit support).

To do

I'd like to expand this shortcut in future, to offer:

  • Error checking when creating a code, to ensure it's a QuickTap QR code that's been scanned
  • Append QR codes created with details about the machine it relates to.
  • Write QR codes created to a specific folder within the Photos app, and prompt the user to select a location
  • Create, store, display and maintain a list of machines, including their GPS location, for quick retrieval
  • Consider scanning of existing QuickTap codes using NFC

Like to improve it, or tweak it yourself?

This shortcut will be commented to within an inch of its life, so should you want to work on your own version, or help me make improvements - please feel welcome and encourage to go right ahead and do so.

Like to say thanks?

If you'd like to just say thanks, or maybe buy me a hot chocolate as a token of your appreciation, feel free to do so:



Latest Release Notes

0.04 - Dec. 25, 2020, 8:38 a.m.

- (NEW) Simplified menus.
- (NEW) Error checking of scanned QR codes when buying - in case you scan an existing Vendswift code, or something else entirely. Error checking will be extended to code creation in future release.
- (IMPROVED) Vendswift webapp displayed within shortcut when buying
- Clear instructions now included, with images to show you the types of codes you're looking for when wanting to buy a drink or create a code.

Version history