Shortcut Launcher

categorize and launch shortcuts; streamline the widget



It can be convenient to launch shortcuts from the Shortcuts App Widget. But as more shortcuts are configured to appear on the widget, valuable vertical space on the widget screen is filled since shortcuts appear only two abreast in the Shortcuts App Widget. Shortcut Launcher provides quick access to all shortcuts without sacrificing this valuable space.

Getting Started

Before configuring Shortcut Launcher, try modifying the names of a few Library shortcuts by adding the emojis from one or more of the default categories. (See image above.) Then just run Shortcut Launcher as-is to see the effect.


The behavior of Shortcut Launcher can be changed two ways:

  1. By modifying the default settings in the Dictionary action.
  2. Other settings can be modified by using Settings > Customize Shortcut...

The primary method is by changing the Dictionary. For advanced users, the additional settings are provided to fine tune the behavior of Shortcut Launcher.

Shortcut Launcher Dictionary

Multiple Copies

Shortcut Launcher can be copied and renamed. For example, one copy could be configured similarly to the default settings, whereas, a second copy could be configured with primarily Shortcut Names rather than Shortcut Categories. Another possibility would be a third that includes Shortcuts Names and/or Shortcut Categories that are designed to be used with the iOS Share Sheet.

More Information

The following videos demonstrate the use and configuration of Shortcut Launcher:

Shortcut Launcher - Overview

Shortcut Launcher - Part 1: Features

Shortcut Launcher - Part 2: Configuration

All of the information in the three videos is also included in the Shortcut Launcher Comments and Setup Parameters.


Refer also to Shortcut Launcher (helper).

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - Nov. 16, 2018, 6:04 a.m.

a) Set 'Show in Share Sheet' On (Accept Types = Anything) and added 'Get Variable [Shortcut Input]' action before the two 'Run Shortcut' actions. Therefore 'Share Sheet' shortcuts will work as expected when this shortcut is used in the 'Share Sheet' to launch them.

b) This shortcut only checks for a new version of itself using UpdateKit when it is run from 'Shortcut Launcher (helper)' via the 'Run Shortcut' action. Prior to to the 'Share Sheet' change above, 'Shortcut Launcher (helper)' passed '1' to this shortcut. The '1' in 'Shortcut Input' was the signal to this shortcut to check for a new version. Since there is a reasonably high probability that a '1' could be passed via the 'Share Sheet' during normal operation, the '1' has been changed to ╽❆꒦ (three Unicode characters). There is a negligible probability that these three consecutive characters would ever be passed via the 'Share Sheet'.

c) Updated version and download link for 'Shortcut Launcher (helper)' shortcut since it was updated to Version 1.2.

Note: Tested with Shortcuts v2.1.1 on iPhone 8 Plus and iPad Pro 10.5"

Version history