Easy Folder

Folders for your shortcuts!


This shortcut acts as a folder, and you can add shortcuts into the folder by just clicking ‘•••’, pressing ‘Add’, and selecting any shortcut.

If you want to have multiple folders, you need to have a different “internal folder name” for each one.

To change the internal folder name:

Go into the folder’s actions, click the settings button in the top, then click “Customize Shortcut...”

Latest Release Notes

1.2+ - June 30, 2020, 10:02 a.m.

Version 1.2+ is a supplementary version for iOS 13 users of Easy Folder. The last update, 1.3, had many bugs and was unpolished. Due to this error, I've decided to update version 1.2 to work better on iOS 13, and delete version 1.3. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Version history