HiRes Tweet

Upload or download high resolution images up to 8K, and download videos or gifs at highest quality


This is an upgrade version of Twitter Download.

Did you know that, if you upload a big image to Twitter on a mobile device, it is reduced to 2048x2048 max?

HiRes Tweet is a Twitter client that lets you upload or download high resolution images up to 8192x8192, and download videos or gifs at the highest quality.

  • Although Twitter accepts images up to 8192x8192 pixels and 5.2MB on the server side, the Twitter app reduces them to 2048x2048—smaller than iPhone camera's 4032x3024. This shortcut takes advantage of the server's maximum capability.
  • Likewise, the Twitter app downloads up to 4096x4096 pixels. This shortcut downloads the maximum size from the server, not just images but videos and gifs as well.
  • This shortcut supports multiple accounts and downloads media from protected accounts; protected media should be downloaded using Safari.

Sample Screen

Downloading Media

  • Tap the share button on a tweet, tap ‘Share via’ and select ‘HiRes Tweet’ from the shortcuts list.
  • You can skip the ‘Share via’ step by long-tapping the share button.
  • Since gif is converted to mp4 and stored by the Twitter server, downloading it and saving as gif requires converting mp4 back to gif which results in lower quality and bigger file size.

Uploading Image

  • Run ‘HiRes Tweet’ from the Shortcuts app and select ‘Tweet Image’ menu.
  • An image larger than 8192x8192 pixels or 5.2MB will be optimized automatically.

Latest Release Notes

2.02 - Feb. 27, 2021, 11:19 a.m.

• More accurate sizing for mp4 → gif conversion
• Added mp4 dimensions in download notifications
• Bug fix when disconnecting more than 2 accounts

Version history