Check For Updates

This shortcut is an alternative to UpdateKit but with no performance impact


Check For Updates

A shortcut to check for updates on compatible shortcuts

For Users

Run the Check For Updates shortcut to check for updates on any shortcuts with Check For Updates integrated. Choose a shortcut to update and update it.

For Developers

Check For Updates is easy to integrate into shortcuts

Add to your shortcut

To integrate Check For Updates into your shortcut requires little to no performance impact.

Supporting Check For Updates requires 4 actions:


Example Shortcut

Version Numbers

Check for updates supports multi-decimal versions like UpdateKit 3.0. Your version numbers on RoutineHub must match the version in your dictionary. Version numbers are numbers such as 1.5.2 or 2.1, any value with multiple numbers and decimals.

Differences between Check For Updates and UpdateKit

UpdateKit is run by shortcuts to check if there are any available updates before running the shortcut. This means that shortcuts have few second delay before running while they check if updates are available, and sometimes when run through Siri they will have to open in the app because updates are available.

Check For Updates only checks when the user wants to check for updates, that way it doesn't slow down shortcuts that integrate it and doesn't annoy users just trying to run their shortcuts.

Dependency Installers

Note: Most dependency installers are currently broken or finicky at this time due to shortcuts version 1.1.2

  • DependKit by @heyitzspencer allows shortcuts to require certain dependencies to run
  • BundleKit by @medicalshortcut helps automatically create a bundle installer shortcut to install all dependencies at once
  • Check For Updates has a built in dependency installer that is slow and not currently working.

This shortcut supports Check For Updates

Run Check For Updates at any time to check for updates to this and other shortcuts.

## This shortcut supports [Check For Updates](
Run Check For Updates at any time to check for updates to this and other shortcuts.

This Shortcut Supports Check For Updates

[![This Shortcut Supports Check For Updates](]( "Get Check For Updates")

Latest Release Notes

1.5.3 - Jan. 14, 2019, 1:59 a.m.

New in version 1.5.3:
+ Add a don't update option (requested by @timnicholson)

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