Inhaler Usage

Easily record medical inhaler usage to Apple Health.


Inhaler Usage

This shortcut allows you to record the use of your inhaler usage eg Asthma Inhalers to the Apple Health app.

A handy bar chart in the shortcut allows you to review your usage easily in seconds.

The full data sets can be found in Apple Health in the Respiratory category labelled Inhaler Usage.

3 button presses is all it takes:

  1. Press the Inhaler Usage icon (where you added it to your Homescreen)
  2. Confirm you have used it (no accidental records)
  3. Ok the confirmation of recording

Inhaler Usage

Usage Graph

Inhaler Usage

Choose from 3 preset time frames and see how often you have used your inhaler in that time period.

Inhaler Usage

A selection of Graph styles can be select from the 'Customise Shortcut...' menu.

Log Weight, Waist & Height

Log Weight & Waist

Latest Release Notes

1.6 - Feb. 1, 2021, 4:55 p.m.

- Squashed a really annoying bug that would display the date for the next day (1 day in the future) at the top of the graph menu!!

Let me know if there’s any bugs you spot or features you need

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