Photo Booth

Takes 4 photos from the back camera and prints them on photo strips, just like a real photo booth.


Photo Booth

To use

  1. Start the shortcut

  2. Turn the phone around

  3. Wait for visual/audio cues

  4. Make funny face

  5. Wait for photo strip to print!

  6. Select photos to save.

This Shortcut is inspired by u/Christodouluke's Reddit Post.

This is my heavily modified version. The text below is taken from my Reddit post.

  • Added a 3 second countdown sound instead of a delay.
  • Added a little ding at the end.
  • Set the camera to the higher quality back camera.
  • Get current volume, then set volume to audible level (necessary to hear queues) then set volume back to what it was.
  • Added "Continue Shortcut in App" to get around Shortcuts Siri bug. It should run from Siri.
  • Added more border around vertical, horizontal, and grid prints. Looks more like a photo strip.
  • Added a multi select/save feature to save multiple printed photos.
  • Added Flashing lights as a timer queue!
  • Combined some logic into repeat loops instead. Code is much simpler.
  • Added a notification that photo strips are printing.

Note: Not sure why but after adding the white borders, the quick look at the end seems sluggish. If anyone resolves feel free to let me know.

Latest Release Notes

1.1 - Nov. 8, 2018, 7:32 p.m.

Removed unused volume setting prior to shutter.

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