Sleep Widget

Last night's sleep in a widget


I have been using this shortcut as a supplemental tool to track and analyze my sleep. It works well enough and is kind of fun so I decided to share it.

The Charty app is not required but functionality is very limited without it.

  1. Install Charty
  2. Run the shortcut
  3. Create a Charty widget with the new chart
  4. Configure the new widget to launch the "Sleep Widget" shortcut

Let me know if you run into problems.

And check out my Heart Widget and Daily Dashboard shortcuts for Charty.

Watch a demo.


  • Requires Apple Health-compatible sleep tracker
  • Works with multiple sleep sources
  • Tested with Apple Watch, Oura ring and AutoSleep app
  • The legend is not supported. Do not enable it.
  • Set your widget to use a dark background for the best experience.

Latest Release Notes

0.3.0 - Jan. 17, 2021, 9:27 p.m.

- X and Y axes labels can now be enabled on any size Charty widget
- The right axis has been removed to create more room for the chart
- The legend still does not work properly so don't enable it.

- Several other minor fixes

Version history