Log Weight, Waist & Height

Simply add your weight, waist or height measurements to Apple Health - Check simple progress graphs.


Log Weight, Waist & Height

Over indulged at Christmas or during your summer holiday? Still growing or just looking to track these key attributes?

Apple Health doesn’t make it easy to enter these simple details to keep track of your Health stats even though it uses them to calculate many fitness related parameters.

Log Weight, Waist & Height makes adding your weight, waist or height measurements to Apple Health a lot easier than the native menus!

Now with the choice of Metric or Imperial/English entry formats!


  • Weight - Kilograms (kg)
  • Waist - Centimetres (cm)
  • Height - Metres (m) and Centimetres (cm)

Imperial / English

  • Weight - Stones (st) and Pounds (lb) or Pounds (lb)
  • Waist - Inches (in)
  • Height - Feet (ft) and Inches (in)

3 simple steps

  1. Choose which measurement to add.
  2. Enter measurement.
  3. Confirm measurement is correct.

Simple Graphs

Want to quickly check your progress or changes over time? There are now simple line graphs available (configurable in the customise shortcut menu) that allows you to view them as a target or average depending on your goals.



Simple graphs to check your stats.

  • Weight
  • Waist
  • BMI
  • VO₂ Max

Information about graphs, BMI and VO₂ Max can be found in the ‘About’ menu in the shortcut

If you don’t wish to log height try this version of the shortcut.

Log Weight & Waist

Inhaler Usage

Latest Release Notes

3.0 - Nov. 10, 2022, 1:11 a.m.

Update 3.0
- A new BMI graph was added
- About page added to menu
- Added 1/4 inch graph support for Imperial/English waist measurements and graphs
- Added V02/Max graph support (Figures generated automatically from Apple Health if you carry out qualifying activities)
- Corrected a fault where the Set up menu had disappeared

Any bugs let me know!

Version history