App Installer 8.0

You can install the iPA file with just shortcuts!


App Installer v8.0


In addition to its previous features, the updated AppInstaller now includes a larger collection of iPA files, options for jailbroken devices, TrollStore support, and UI updates. Also, the ability to select and install iPA files will be added.

Introducing App Installer v8.0

What can this shortcut do?

You can install an application from the link of the iPA file. It works by using a signed iPA or pre-installing AppSync with Cydia, etc.

TrollStore Support?

New in v 8.0 is support for TrollStore. (TrollStore is a tool that allows you to install iPA files on your device without signing.) This shortcut includes a TrollStore installation guide, the ability to install IPA via TrollStore, and the ability to update apps.

Where can I get an iPA?

Available at "iPA-Collections." There you'll find an iPA file for TrollStore, a decrypted iPA for AppStore, and ++app.

Latest Release Notes

8.0 - Oct. 30, 2022, 1:44 p.m.

New App Installer!!!!!

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