New App Installer

You can install the application from the link of ipa file. For iOS 12 to 14.4



What's new ?

The New App Installer is a big change from the traditional user interface, making it very simple and easy to use.

Introducing New App Installer

What can you do?

As the name suggests, apps can be installed, but this shortcut lets you install apps from the link in the IPA file.

How to use it ?

When you first open it, the Screenkit appears, so press Done to continue. The ipa Library has a link to the ipa file, so you can use that link to install it. install app now can install the app from the link in the ipa file. In information, you can see the information of this show cut, so please take a look.

Thank you for the shortcut.



Latest Release Notes

4.0 - Feb. 26, 2021, 7:42 a.m.

Bug Fix

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