App Installer XII

Make it easy to install app.



"App Installer XIII" will be released soon. In addition to being able to install from the link in the ipa file, this update will add the can select and install from the ipa file and view previously installed apps!

⚠️You can't install the app on iOS 15!!

Shortcut corruption

In iOS 15, shortcuts created in iOS 15 can't be executed in other operating systems, the button to delete doesn't respond well, and "Suggest next action" and actions suffer. In addition, if you run the "Install app" shortcut on iOS 15, you will always get an error.

AppInstaller XII

What's new ?

  • reduced the number of actions as much as possible to make shortcut faster.
  • The menu screen has been renewed.
  • Introducing App Installer XII

    What can this shortcut do?

    You can install an application from the link of the iPA file. In the previous introduction, it was written that "AppSync does not work without it", but you can successfully install signed iPA files without AppSync. The previous version, 6.0, introduced a new installation screen, but it didn't make sense, so I removed it in this version.

    How to use it ?

    When you first open it, the Screenkit appears, so press Done to continue. The ipa Library has a link to the ipa file, so you can use that link to install it. install app now can install the app from the link in the ipa file. In information, you can see the information of this show cut, so please take a look.

    Latest Release Notes

    7.2 - March 13, 2022, 3:36 a.m.

    •Change upload server.

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