SpamBot Ultra

Attack your friends/enemies with huge quantities of spam!


SpamBot Ultra

The most reliable spambot for Shortcuts.


Using SpamBot Ultra is easy. Just run the shortcut, choose whether you’d like to send images (or videos) or text, enter the email/phone# of the unlucky person* you’d like to spam, choose how badly you’d like to spam them, and press OK.

*must be registered with iMessage.


You can’t spam people if you’re spambot has bugs. That’s why SpamBot Ultra has UpdateKit implemented. To check for an update, just run the shortcut, press “•••” and “check for update”.


  • Presets: Send a message 5-50 times, or enter a custom number.
  • Photos/Videos.
  • UpdateKit support.

DISCLAIMER: You’re responsible if you get in trouble for using this. Not me.

Latest Release Notes

1.10 - Jan. 12, 2021, 12:23 a.m.

• Removed automatic update checking (slowed execution), and added manual checks. Go to “• • •” > “Check for update” to check.
• re-ordered inputs for a more natural, concise user experience.

• Added media support. Now send massive amounts of photos or videos.

• Fixed the shortcut from continuing to run after an update check, thus sending blank messages. Shortcut now exits after an update check is completed.

Version history