Simple, fast reminder management



Simple, fast reminder management

Remindly has a few opinionated options geared toward speeding up my reminder workflow, and I hope it helps you as well.

With Remindly, you can:

  • Create new reminders
  • View upcoming reminders
    • for any number of days in the future
    • for any specified location
  • Manage overdue reminders
    • View a list of overdue reminders
    • Browse and Delete reminders
    • Delete all overdue reminders
  • Remove all reminders that match a filter:
    • By Name / Title
    • From A Specific List in
    • Before Due Date
    • Before Completed Date
    • Unscheduled and do not have a location trigger
    • Clear all completed reminders

Remindly also has a Settings menu where you can

  • View the current settings and shortcut info
  • Manage UpdateKit
    • Manually check for update
    • Toggle Auto Update (update whenever Remindly runs)
      • note: auto update will cause Remindly to run a little slower
  • Manually reinstall from iCloud
    • with the option of deleting settings before installation for a fresh install
  • Delete all settings
    • useful for troubleshooting / starting fresh

Coming Soon

  • Create simple alarms or timers in addition to Reminders
  • Additional user settings, such as:
    • option to clear completed reminders automatically (every time the shortcut runs)
    • store favorite locations for location based reminders
  • Create any number of new reminders in a row without having to start from the Main Menu each time
  • Speed and Stability Improvements

Please Note there may be menu item changes and shortcut structure improvements while I work on adding features. The core functionality of the shortcut will remain the same. This should level out as I get closer to version 1, and apologies in advance for any issues or confusion.

If you use Remindly, please let me know what you think! Leave a comment below or contact me at

Latest Release Notes

0.6.5 - Nov. 16, 2018, 2:06 a.m.


- added a method to the View Upcoming Reminders to allow searching by reminder location trigger.
- updates the reminders template to make sense with location based reminders. NOTE: you may have to delete your settings to update the template. you can do this from Settings > Delete All Settings

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