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Why HawkUpdater?

HawkUpdater was built for functionality, but it looks great, too. It works with only about 150 actions. For perspective, the average Updater uses 300-400 actions. This is because HawkUpdater uses the latest technologies such as JavaScript engines, hidden features, and more.

It also contains clear and distinct UIs, utilizing Unicode bolded text and italics and vCards.


Like most modern updaters, HawkUpdater is extremely easy to integrate.

  1. Download HawkUpdater.
  2. Add two actions to your shortcut:


  1. In the dictionary, put the name of your shortcut, the shortcut ID (the number in your routinehub link), and the current version of your shortcut. Basically, if you know how to use UpdateKit or Demon Updater, you can use this.

That’s it! To check for updates to HawkUpdater, just run it on it’s own. For a detailed integration guide, see the Handbook.

Note: HawkUpdater 0.08 and lower can only handle single decimal version numbers. Starting with 1.0.0, HawkUpdater can function with multiple decimals. The transition between beta and 1.0.0 can break things, so back up your Shortcuts if you are still running 0.08.

Client Use

“That’s all well and good, but what can my clients expect?”
This is the core of HawkUpdater. Depending on how you integrate HawkUpdater, whenever you publish a shortcut update to routinehub, your users will be notified of it. An alert will appear with details like the version number, update notes, and more. Your clients can then either install the update, or ignore it.

As of beta 0.08, HawkUpdater also notifies of rollbacks, so you can be sure that your clients will only get the most stable updates and features.

However, HawkUpdater is not only one of the most useful Updaters, but is also one of the most stylish. HawkUpdater offers things other updaters don’t have: themes. Utilizing vCard menus, HawkUpdater allows you and your users to customize the look of HawkUpdater however you want!



As of 1/15/2021, HawkUpdater is no longer in beta. Keep the feedback coming, though!


I’ll be adding quite a bit of features soon. These include

  • Optimizations (less actions, better iOS support)
  • Language support
  • and more!

Have a suggestion? Need help? Found a bug? Click here or go to https://discord.gg/C8UKXHfW9N


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Latest Release Notes

1.1.8 - Feb. 7, 2021, 1:27 p.m.

• New and improved navigable handbook. New pictures and greater detail.

• “What’s New” ui. Now see the release notes of the latest HawkUpdater version whenever you want to. Go to Settings > What’s New.
• New theme: Neon.

Version history