Choose iTunes/Music Equaliser and set Volume on a Mac

Remotely choose an equaliser and/or set the volume of iTunes/Music on your Mac while it plays music


Despite the fact that the application "Remote" for iOS by Apple lets you play, create playlists and change volume among other things it still lacks the function of picking an equaliser preset in iTunes or Music on your Mac. This shortcut makes up for this oversight and lets you choose any equaliser preset from the existing ones. Additionally, you can adjust the volume without leaving the shortcut which is quite handy, especially after applying some equalisers that affect the volume or if you don't have "Remote" installed. The shortcut will attempt to discern between "iTunes" and "Music" which is the default music player since macOS 10.15 "Catalina".

On the very first run this shortcut prompts to install another shortcut of mine, "Remote Shell Command" which is necessary for the silent logging into your remote Mac account: this second shortcut is auxiliary and runs only once. Just follow the prompts which are self-explanatory.

Feedback is welcome.

Latest Release Notes

1.03 - Jan. 25, 2021, 10:46 a.m.

Fixed a potential issue with reading the remote host's macOS version which could result in an empty string that could lead to a destructive effect. The existing users are strongly advised to delete an older version and download this one instead.

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