Heart Widget

Today's heart rate trend in a widget.


This shortcut will create a heart rate trend chart that can be used as a widget.

The Charty app is required.

If you don't have Charty then the Heart Analyzer app is a good free alternative.


  1. Install Charty.
  2. Run the Heart Widget shortcut to create a chart.
  3. Create a Charty widget with the new chart.
  4. Configure the Charty widget to run the "Heart Widget" shortcut.

Simply tap the widget whenever you want to update the chart.

And check out my Sleep Widget and Daily Dashboard shortcuts for Charty.


  • An Apple Health-compatible heart rate tracker is required.
  • Chart length can be customized (4-24 hours).
  • Enable the widget's legend to see heart stats.
  • Set your widget to use a dark background for the best experience.

Latest Release Notes

0.2.4 - Feb. 13, 2021, 7:57 p.m.

- New automation options. See the RoutineHub page for details.
- Additional error checking for heart rate data

Version history