VodkarmUpdater 0.1

Fast and clean Updater. Read all description.


VodkarmUpdater 0.1

Fast and clean Updater, easy to use.

A fluid shortcut, with a beautiful interface.

If you run the shortcut on your own, then you will have access to a menu that will show you how to use the Updater in your shortcuts, but also to see my RoutineHub creations.

How to setup ?

Create a dictionary with name, RH ID, version. And run shortcut VodkarmUpdater


A how to setup website in shotcut.

When you just run the shortcut you can choose How to setup?

This will redirect you to a site explaining how to configure the shortcuts.


Thanks, and I hope to see you soon on VodkarmUpdater.

Latest Release Notes

0.1 - Jan. 16, 2021, 9:28 a.m.

Added vCard for the aesthetic.