Shortcuts Alt To Original Color Value

Find/Replace alt WFWorkflowStartIconColor values in shortcut .plist files with their original value


Detects and identifies WFWorkflowStartIconColor value in shortcut .plist files of shortcuts in your library that uses a negative decimal code value and replaces it with the original positive decimal code value that it should use instead.

Shortcut links will be generated all at once for every shortcut with a value in it’s .plist file replaced and can be saved as a new Note in the Notes application.

See Shortcuts Alt To Original Glyph Value

Latest Release Notes

1.3 - Jan. 19, 2021, 7:19 a.m.

- Even more back-end improvements to make the shortcut run faster! (Only took 8 seconds to check through 300+ shortcuts on iPhone XR)!

- The previous 2 versions of this shortcut replaces the number found with a new value throughout the whole source. Let's assume a shortcut is using a glyph number 59393 and has a lot of base64 images. There's a chance that some of the images contain the same string 59393 because base64 encoding turns binaries into mostly alphanumeric characters. Then the image will break if you use Replace Text in source.plist because it will find ALL occurrences of 59393. This was a problem that has been squashed in the new version of this shortcut.

- Results shown in a Quick Look before generating iCloud links for shortcuts detected will now also be saved in the Note with the links.

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