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WeatherWalls is an iOS Shortcut created by /u/apoch8000. The shortcut takes the current weather conditions on your location and sets an according wallpaper on your device.

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Stock Themes

Find more contributed themes near the bottom of this page.

Sea Beach Mountain Surface*

Features & Requirements

WeatherWalls has several (optional) features to give you and your device a nice experience. Find a list of the features below.

  • Up to 9 different weather conditions can be shown: Clear, Minor Clouds, Cloudy, Heavy Clouds, Drizzle, Rain, Fog, Snow and Thunderstorm. (* Only available in select themes)

  • 4 Themes to choose from ('Sea', 'Beach', 'Mountain' & 'Surface').

  • Each theme has its own Day / Night version.

  • The 'Sea' and 'Beach' themes have a Sunrise / Sunset effect.

  • Easy installation with a seperate installer shortcut.

The shortcut is only working on iPhone models running iOS 14.3 or higher as the 'Set Wallpaper' action was (re)introduced in this version.


Before WeatherWalls can work, we need to make sure all images are in the correct folders. Get the WeatherWalls Installer from the link below to download and extract all necessary files to the right locations.

If you choose to install the files manually and not to use this installer, read this documentation carefully.

Contributed Themes

Below you find a list of available contributed themes. You can install these themes by running the installer.

Add your own theme to this list? Follow the theming guide on how to create and submit your own theme.

By /u/Firefox6_66

Disney Castle
By /u/CheeseheadDave


  • Does this Shortcut change wallpapers automatically?

No. This shortcut does not run magically in the background. You have to manually trigger the shortcut or use automations if you wish to update WeatherWalls throughout the day. Recommended is to run WeatherWalls approximately every 1-2 hours and maybe more frequent around the sunrise/sunset period to fully enjoy the effect.

  • I get an error where 'there is no key provided' when I run the shortcut?

This is a known bug. This shortcut uses Microsoft Translate service to translate the weather conditions from your default device language to English to find the matching image. Some conditions are somehow not translatable (e.g. 'Halbbewölkt' in German doesn't translate to 'Partly Cloudy' thus won't show the correct condition). The only way to fix this is by manually adding the condition in the vocabulary list in the shortcut and assign the matching wallpaper.

  • Is there an iPad version?

WeatherWalls is iPad compatible but... there are no themes for iPad devices. You can create your own iPad compatible theme by following these instructions.

  • Will you make more themes?

Probably. Depending on my personal life and spare time, there probably will come more themes over time.

  • I made automations to run this shortcut throughout the day, but I get so many Shortcuts notifications.

You can turn Shortcut notifications off by following this tutorial.

  • Is this shortcut 'battery hungry'?

No. Only your automations will define how much resources will be used. If you e.g. run the shortcut every 10 minutes, there will be a noticeable effect on your battery life. In version 2.3 I made some improvements to the shortcut that have a positive effect on your battery.

  • Do you want a coffee?

I thought you'd never ask! Yes, you can buy me a coffee via

Latest Release Notes

2.4.4 - Feb. 1, 2021, 9:13 p.m.

* Solved the “Could not evaluate the key path” error that occurred due passing weather conditions in the wrong format to check its value in the vocabulary.

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