Font Switcher

13 Actions, 31 shortcut supported fonts


Font Switcher

iOS Compatibility
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13 ??
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Font changer is a 13 action shortcut that supports these 31 fonts

  • Fullwidth (Numbers)

  • upside down mirror (Lower case)

  • Typewriter (Numbers)

  • Small caps

  • Script

  • Script (Bold)

  • Fraktur

  • Fraktur (Bold)

  • Sans (Numbers)

  • Sans (Numbers, Bold)

  • Sans (Italics)

  • Sans (Bold, Italics)

  • Serif (Bold, Numbers)

  • Serif (Italics)

  • Serif (Bold, Italics)

  • Circles white (Numbers)

  • Circles black (Numbers)

  • Squares white

  • Squares black

  • UNDERSCORE (Upper Case, Numbers)

  • OVERTOP (Upper Case, Numbers)

  • ARROW (Upper Case, Numbers)

  • UP ARROW (Upper Case, Numbers)

  • STAR (Upper Case, Numbers)

  • LIGHTNING (Upper Case, Numbers)

  • Superscript (Numbers Only)

  • Subscript (Numbers Only)

  • Parentheses (Lower Case)

  • Hacker (Numbers)

  • Hot (Numbers)

  • Strike Through (Upper Case, Numbers)

Notice the brackets beside some of the fonts. They determine what the font includes.

Bold and Italic has the font being bolded and/or italicizes

Lowercase and Uppercase mean that the font only includes that type of text and will change the other to that type

Numbers mean that the font supports numbers

Numbers Only means that the font only supports numbers


This shortcut is part of the ProCuts Collection, a collection of development-based shortcuts created to empower your shortcuts and shortcutting experience.

Latest Release Notes

2.4 - Feb. 18, 2022, 9:07 p.m.

- Script g that was actually a script s is changed to a bolded script g (normal script g will not work)

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