Take control of your colors!



Take control of your colors!

ChromaKey is a huge Shortcut (407 actions!) for working with HEX and RGB codes. ChromaKey features multiple methods for finding colors, including a color picker and a color search tool. You can save those colors to palettes which are stored in the your iCloud Drive. This Shortcut can be very handy for web designers, UI designers, artists, and graphic designers.

  • UpdateKit support
  • Color Picker
  • HTML Color Names
  • Color Search
  • Custom Color Input
  • Random Colors
  • Color Extraction from Images
  • Color Converter (HEX to RGB and vice versa)
  • Palettes to save your colors
  • Palette management (Delete palettes and remove colors from palettes)

made by @heyitzspencer

Credits to JoeReally, VanishingTacos, pfg, Mike Beasley, and Midnite for helping me with this Shortcut

I am not responsible for any corrupted shortcut databases that are caused from this shortcut. If you are worried, please backup your shortcuts and follow this tutorial by JoeReally.

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - Dec. 28, 2018, 12:51 a.m.

-Fixed a bug where removing a palette would prevent the user from viewing their palettes (thanks u/ROPit for pointing this out!)

Version history