IE (Image Editor)

It edits images and saves images smoother!



The full shortcut that can share, edit, size down, and also save images.

Now, you will get the best experience using IE by using Photo Editor, Photo Saver, and all new Creator.

Creator: Want to create your own videos or htmls or music but don’t want to pay. Well, I got a solution for that. Click the Creator button on the 1st Menu Page then click anything you want to successfully create.

Image Saver: Image Saver let’s you save all of your Images/Videos in 2 places by just pasting a link or getting GIF’s from GIPHY.

Image Editor: Customise your Photos by changing the size or properties to any format or put images on other images if you want.

All 4 and beautiful options in 1 shortcut. Go on, have a try!

All done by @Strow on RoutineHub.

Latest Release Notes

v11.000 - Sept. 11, 2021, 11:30 a.m.

Ok. You guys are wondering about where I was and a lack of updates. Let me hear ya, I had a tough time this year because I had to quit all of my social media accounts and that yea. Now I’m back.


- Added Image on a Image Setting

You can put an image on a another image and you can modify that image by placements and size.

Currently iCloud Drive won’t work till a later date. So you will have to use iCloud Photos till then.

- Removed TimberVM due to it is out of date!

- Because of the Image on Image setting added you need to be updated to iOS 15 Beta 8 or above to use this version!

Thanks for reading!

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