Block Shortcuts Notifications

Permanently block notifications from Shortcuts (REQUIRES SUPERVISED DEVICE)


Your device must be supervised with Apple Configurator 2 or iMazing before using this shortcut, otherwise it won't work.

This will block Shortcuts notifications permanently, they won't re-enable themselves automatically. You can re-enable them manually by removing the profile from Settings -> General -> Profiles.

Note that the "Full block" method will break any shortcuts that use the "Show Notification" action. In that case, you can either replace those actions with the Toolbox Pro equivalent, or try using the "Partial block" method, but that one only hides the notifications from the lock screen, so you will have to enable Do Not Disturb to hide the banners.

This does not block banners from home screen shortcuts! Combine this with the automation trick for that (this only replaces the screen time step).

Latest Release Notes

0.1.0 - Feb. 7, 2021, 4:06 p.m.

Initial release