Photographer updated 13/01/19

Everything a Photographer needs in a Shortcut.


Written by Tony Dudley the creator of Control Centre for Shortcuts.

Tony is an accomplished Photographer with many years experience in planning photographic trips worldwide.

In this Shortcut you will have most of what you need as follows:

Maps Alarm clocks, Golden Hour, travel time alarm, sunrise Alarm. Weather forecasts Nd Filter settings Trip Planning tools for future trips and look back at your locations in history.

I intend to build some other tools into this shortcut, if you feel that others could be added, get in touch details in the shortcut.

Edit the trip planner could also be used by wedding photographers to put in the wedding information such as Church, reception, brides home and anything else needed for the day.

Added in import of Lightroom link

Enjoy and happy snapping.


Latest Release Notes

2 - Jan. 13, 2019, 1:39 a.m.

Gain access to Control Centre Address Database, Take me Home is now just one press on the menu. And more in regular places I visit.

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