[SEE DESCRIPTION] All-in-one Tools Utilities

A bunch of useful tools, packed into a single shortcut.


I have been really busy IRL and was not able to focus on the rewrite (MyUtility). I know some of you really want to see MyUtility happen but honestly I really don’t see the point in another generic multi-purpose shortcut anymore when great shortcuts like Control Centre (Great Alternative) and iUtilities (Which I consider to be the spiritual successor to All-in-One Utilities) are out there. If you guys want to see it I might put out half-baked versions of MyUtility that has basic functionality but doesn’t have the cool features I planned like Scenarios, MySecure and more. Guess for now All-in-One Utilities is orphanware until further notice. Update: Officially discontinued. Sorry to everyone who was expecting MyUtility.

All-in-One Utilities is a shortcut that has many different useful (or entertaining) tools included in it. For example An "Ultra Low Power Mode" for when you're running out of juice, "Park My Car" for quickly noting down parking information, or just play offline "2048"!

Features are added extremely frequently with optional updates, so stay tuned for more features in the future!

This shortcut also works from the share sheet! So you can use it in any apps that support the share sheet!

Feature requests or bug reports are very welcomed, just leave them in the feedback section and I’ll read them all.


All-in-One Utilities has been changed to MyUtility and MyUtility Core. All-in-One Utilities will no longer be maintained, and the versions with the old iTweak will be removed permanently. If you have any older versions of All-in-One Utilities, please update it to the latest version asap.

MyUtility and MyUtility Core will not release in time for iOS 13.1. If you rely on All-in-One Utilities but also wants to update to iOS 13, please consider switching to other shortcuts like Utilities Menu

EDIT: MyUtility progress is really slow because I am really trying to make it as polished as possible, and there are some irl events that are preventing me from working on MyUtility. Also, my iCloud storage filled up and my iPhone 7 keeps on being a major nuisance. I am working on it! But for now please consider other alternatives.

I promise MyUtility will be great! It will have features like Scenarios Automation support that lets you do powerful stuff with automations or other shortcuts, MySecure which is the successor to SecureKit (Name got taken by D3W10 haha) with more shortcut security features, Complete rewrites for EVERY SINGLE UTILITY (That's why MyUtility is taking so god damn long to make, AIOUtilities took 5 months to even be worth using), Multi-user + Multi-device and more!

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