Emoji Meaning

Look up description of entered emojis or word


by u/medinauta

Enter ~one or many~ emojis to find their description OR enter ~a word~ to search for a related emoji.

  • Will ignore entered numbers and special characters and repeated emojis as well.

  • If entered a mix of letters and emojis, will ignore the letters and will only search for the emojis.

Search by emoji result will show a card as an image for each emoji entered showing the name as a title, a big image of the emoji in the center and the description in the bottom, if several emojis were entered, will show all cards combined into one single image. Result image can be saved or shared.

Search by word result will show all related emojis with their name presented as a menu to select multiple emojis, selection will have the option to be shared, copied to Clipboard or to be sent over and search for their description (as if searched by entered emojis).

Emojis images, description and name are taken from emojipedia.org instead of using Shortcuts internal tool Get Name of Emoji because its incomplete, failing to show names of combined emojis like family, flags, etc. This also allows to search by Unicode emojis (except numerals).

Powered by https://emojipedia.org, also Search Emoji by Word based in the idea of u/harryoui shortcut.


Latest Release Notes

2.1 - Nov. 16, 2018, 7:34 a.m.

Integrated UpdateKit into the shortcut.

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