Create Discord Webhook

Create Discord webhooks from your iOS device


The Discord app on iOS and iPadOS currently does not support creating webhooks for some reason, though it does support editing and deleting them. This shortcut uses the Discord API to create webhooks from your iOS or iPadOS device.

Hopefully Discord adds the ability to create webhooks to the official Discord app sooner rather than later, so that this method is not needed.

How to set up this shortcut

When you install this shortcut, it will prompt you for your user token. You have two options:

  1. Use the token for your account. This is against the Discord ToS (see "Disclaimer" below), so do this at your own risk. Instructions to obtain your user token can be found here:

  2. Use the token for a bot you own. This is completely fine by the Discord ToS, but your bot needs to be on each server where you want to use this shortcut.

If you use a bot token, you will need to enter it as Bot <token> rather than just the token. For example, if your bot's token is abc.def, then you should enter it as Bot abc.def.

Security & Privacy

Your Discord user token is the most sensitive piece of data about your Discord account, as it gives anyone who holds it full access to do anything with your account. This shortcut never sends your token anywhere except as the authorization header for the request to Discord that creates the webhook, so I will never see it.


I am not responsible for any consequences you may face from Discord for using this shortcut. Using the Discord API like this with a normal user account is a violation of Discord’s Terms of Service and can result in the suspension of your account if detected. Use this shortcut at your own risk.

If you own a Discord bot that has the appropriate permissions for creating webhooks, rather than needing to use your own account, it is recommended that you use the bot’s token instead, as that is perfectly acceptable under Discord’s TOS.

Latest Release Notes

1.2 - April 22, 2021, 4 a.m.

Add user-agent header to all API requests to reduce the chance of selfbot detection and being banned by Discord.

Version history