MultiTools library.


LibCut is a multi-featured tool that have both basic and original utilities. You can even call it's functions from your shortcut.

(picture a lil outdated)

What can you do?

Makes photo transparent

Make part you want to make transparent black


Get latency and packet loss if you install the app LibTerm


Encrypt and decrypt file with a key

Adding border to a photo

Add border of different size and different color to an image.

If you want to be precise, it's possible to choose the pixels's width of the border and it's color in html hex.

Round image's border

Round the border of an image, you can be more precise and choose the corner's radius in pixels.

Latest Release Notes

1.5.4 - May 1, 2022, 4:36 p.m.

Include multiple changes and added:
- Morse translator
- Network infos
- File examinator
- Audio utilities
- More...

Version history