tPlanner QuickView

Check your next Roblox Flights in seconds!


Previously, checking a flight meant going to Roblox, joining a flight planner, waiting for it to load, and then seeing your flight.

Well, that is no longer the case!

If you have tPlanner and want to see your next virtual flight on ROBLOX at a glance, you can do that with tPlanner QuickView! QuickView lets you see, join or plan a flight directly on your phone! No need to join the flight planner on ROBLOX anymore! It's super quick and super easy to use!

And it's even better if you want to quickly see the next flight on the go!

Latest Release Notes

1.02 - Feb. 24, 2021, 6:49 p.m.

Mostly bug fixes

- Fixed opening links not working correctly
- Faster loading times

Version history