Wife Love Notes

Send your wife automated love notes every day or week


We all know the daily grind can wear on a relationship. Make a small effort that will pay off in the long run (as Naval would say, “Long-term games with long-term people,” or “compound interest”). I think of this as the digital version of leaving sticky notes all over the house for her to find over time. Sends an SMS at whatever frequency you choose (see below).

  • Feel free to customize the list to your liking. This is a G-rated version.


To automate:

  1. Open Shortcuts

  2. Tap ‘Automation’

  3. Tap ‘Create Personal Automation’

  4. Tap ‘Time of Day’

  5. Select desired frequency and time of day. Tap ‘Next’

  6. Tap ‘Add Action’

  7. Find ‘Run Shortcut’

  8. Select this Shortcut. Tap ‘Next’

  9. If you want full automation, turn off ‘Ask Before Running’

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