Create Syslog Entry

Creates a Syslog Entry in an specified Logfile


When having long shortcuts, this allows you to create Logfile Entries.

Usage Instructions

In the Shortcut File

  1. Create a dictionary at the top of your Shortcut with the following Values and Keys:
  2. logSettings (Type: Dictionary) - Can be named whatever you want
  3. logSettings.enabled (Optional) (Type: Boolean) - This is only required, if you want to enable Logging from one Place
  4. logSettings.fileName (Type: Text) - Sets the Name of the File (do NOT add the File Extension). Cannot be Empty.
  5. logSettings.filePath (Type: Text) - Sets the Path of the File (no need to add trailing or beginning Slashes)
  6. logSettings.logLevel (Type: Text) - String of the Log Level (more Info below). Cannot be empty.
  7. logSettings.logScriptName (Optional) (Type: Text) - Optional String to set the Shortcut Name, if you change the Name and do not want to set it in every Log Entry.

For each Log Entry

  1. If you set logSettings.enabled, create an If loop, which asks for the Boolean of the dictionary value
  2. Create a Dictionary with the following Keys and Values:
  3. entryTimestamp (Type: Text) - Current Date in the following Date and Time Format: ISO 8601. Cannot be empty.
  4. entryLogLevel (Type: Text) - String of the Log Level (more Info below). Cannot be empty.
  5. entryMessage (Type: Text) - Log Message

Further Information

Log Levels

  • 0 - DEBUG
  • 1 - INFO
  • 2 - WARNING
  • 3 - ERROR
  • 4 - CRITICAL


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For further Information just message me: [email protected]

Latest Release Notes

1.2.1 - March 11, 2021, 10:53 p.m.

Fixed a bug, that no folder was created, when filePath is not empty.

Version history