Unsplash Weather

Put weather information and a fresh new background on your Lock Screen


This is a huge update for Unsplash Weather!!! The update adds a ton of customization by popular demand (see more details below).

Unsplash Weather gets the current weather report for your area and finds a matching image on the unsplash website. Then it mashes them together to give you a cool new and informative Lock Screen background.

You can now choose from over 15 weather condition options including: - Weather Condition - Current temperature - High temperature - Low temperature - Feels like temperature - Visibility - Dew point - UV index - Humidity - Chance of Precipitation - Wind Details - Sunrise Time - Sunset Time - Air quality health index - Air quality category - Air pollutants - Custom message

Choose which options you want to use by setting their option to true in the dictionary near the start of the shortcut. Change the order conditions are displayed by changing their order in the dictionary. You can also set a custom message.

Also by popular demand, you can use your own images by selecting the “static image” option in the shortcut’s dictionary.

Latest Release Notes

0.4 - June 20, 2021, 1:02 a.m.

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