Apple News ⇨ Safari

Finds an Apple News article’s source URL, opens said URL in Safari.



This shortcut is literally just a duplicate of Michael Bierman’s “Clean Apple News Links” shortcut.

I’ve just removed everything after the URL is returned and instead added the “Open URLs” action. Swap it out with "Open URL in... [your browser of choice]" if you'd like.

It works!


Latest Release Notes

1.1 - March 31, 2021, 12:10 a.m.

Version 1.1

I’ve changed the title of the shortcut and this metadata.

To be honest, I had to duplicate Bierman’s shortcut again, though I believe I understood better what the shortcut was doing. All I know is that 1.0 was only returning the parent directory of a given cleaned Apple News link, but this one should return the right one without any remaining unnecessary stuff. :)

I also realized I forgot to actually specify that I asked Bierman first, who gave his express permission for both versioning and publishing:

“ **NOTE: This Shortcut was created and published with explicit permission from the original Shortcut’s creator.**”

Version history