Delayed Message

Send Messages to someone at a later time


Delayed Message

Do you ever forget to text people? If you do, download this shortcut! It notifies you when to text someone, and all you have to do is tap the notification to send them the message.

Let's say you have to text your boss you're not gonna make it into work because you're extremely "sick", but it's 2:53 AM. Run this shortcut, select your boss's contact, type out your message, and specify when to send it. You'll receive a notification at that time and all you have to do is tap it.

Quick Links


  1. Download the Shortcut
  2. Run it
  3. Install either Pushcuts or Toolbox Pro (Requires Premium $5.99)

If you want a super simple and quick version that works only with Pushcuts, download it here.

For Toolbox Pro only, install this Shortcut

There are two files (about 8MB) that will download within the shortcut. These files are responsible for the menu options.


How to Use

The shortcut has many different options, but the easiest method is to choose: * "Select Contacts" -> Select your contacts -> Select date & time -> Type message -> Wait for the notification

After you have set up your message, you will receive a notification at the date and time you specified. When you click this notification, the text will be sent automatically.


Main Menu


Search for Contact

  • Type in any part of the contact's name or nickname

Select Contacts

  • Select one or multiple contacts


  • Click a setting to change it from enabled to disabled or vice versa. More information on the Settings menu is here


  • PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Buy Me a Coffee, Zelle, and Google Pay


  • Leave the Shortcut



Show Message Preview

  • Enabled: When you receive and open the notification, a manual confirmation and preview of the text will show before sending the message
  • Disabled: No preview and the message will be sent automatically after opening the notification

Input Date & Time as Text

  • Enabled: Type the date and time. Some Date Examples are below
  • Disabled: Use the date and time selector built into Shortcuts

Confirm Search Result

  • Enabled: If a contact search only brings up one result, a confirmation of the result will appear
  • Disabled: No confirmation will appear and the only result will be automatically selected

Maximum Efficiency

  • Enabled: Will disable menus for the fastest way to schedule a Delayed Message
  • Disabled: All menus will show


  • Enabled: Menu Icons will be emojis
  • Disabled: Default Menu Icons

Notification App

  • Toolbox Pro: Uses Toolbox Pro Premium to send the notification. This option is easier to use and looks better, but costs $5.99
  • Pushcuts: Uses Pushcuts to send the notification. Make sure to open the "Shortcuts" tab in this app and tap "Update Shortcuts" at the bottom

Date Examples

You can format dates in many different ways. Some examples: * Today at 4 pm * Tomorrow at noon * March 24, 4:14 am * Mar 24, 4:14:30 AM * 4 pm * Today * This Morning

Some important notes: * If you do not specify am/pm, then it will default to pm * If you only specify a time, it will send at the next occurrence of that time * If you do not specify a time, it will default to 12:00 PM * Morning defaults to 9:00 AM, afternoon: 3:00 PM, night/evening: 7:00 PM. * You can use a specifying phrase such as "this afternoon" or "tomorrow evening". * Morning: 9:00 AM * Afternoon: 3:00 PM * Night/Evening: 7:00 PM * Noon/Dawn: 12:00 PM


Please email any questions, comments, or bugs to [email protected] with the subject starting with "Delayed Message"

Latest Release Notes

1.0 - March 16, 2021, 9:52 p.m.