An ultra-lightweight Updater.


Feather Updater

Feather is a ultra-lightweight Updater written in JavaScript. It requires no permissions to be granted and can run in seconds. Part of it's speed is also the fact that it is under 20 actions and all the 'hardworking' code is contained in a 4 actions to run the JavaScript.

Image Code

This Shortcut is Powered by Feather [![This Shortcut is Powered by Feather](https://i.imgur.com/iU7BmFJ.png )](https://routinehub.co/shortcut/8728/)

Note: Data about the device's version is collected and sent to a webhook. Please be aware that absolutely no personal or personally identifiable information is sent and it is just for analytics! If you are a developer you MUST pass this information onto the user OR opt-out!

Latest Release Notes

1.0.3 - March 27, 2021, 2:58 p.m.

Fix iCloud link

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